Mold Illness Detoxification Protocols
What Works & What Doesn't

Illness from mold exposure is more complex than people realize. Medical Treatment for mold illness and mold exposure requires a multi-phase detoxification protocol program that is understood by few physicians. Mycotoxin poisoning is responsible for the majority of the symptoms and diseases onset by mold exposure creating mold illness. The "Prodigy Protocol" has now been deemed by more than 1,000 people as the most effective, least expensive and best mold illness detoxification program available online.  This mold detoxification protocol addresses the correct medical testing,  natural detoxification methods combined with standard prescription medication. Our staff gives Prodigy Protocol a "5 STAR".Rating      

                   "Mold Illness" can be a Scary Thing for Everyone Involved...       
                   The Good News is You're Not Alone and there is Help and Recovery! 

                This Website Provides you with the Direction for the Help You'll Need to find
                 the online mold detoxification Protocols, Mold Doctors that Provide the Right
                 Medical Treatment for Mold Illness.


People suffering from "Mold illness", or a disease caused by exposure to mold, fungi, or mycotoxins from indoor water damaged indoor environments, usually have been to many doctors, had many tests, and have found little to no answers, or relief.

The people seeking help are scared about their health, and the people who may have to pay for damages are scared to death about the financial consequences.

It has all the ear marks of a "NIGHTMARE" ready to happen.    The saddest part is that it's true.

If you have found this website chances are you have Mold, Finding this website, that's a good thing, the downside is you may be fairly far down the road on your Mold complaint and have made mistakes you don't know about yet, or even worse can't recover from.

The reason being is that Mold and Mold complaints present complex issues. The long term health effects of Mold are not exactly known. Mold has been linked to both minor and serious illness, cancer and even death. The uncertainty of someone or an entity being responsible for the liability of causing Mold Illness to another person or family is a subject no one wants to deal with. So you had better understand that from the start if you are planning to complain about Mold to anyone. Think through it before you start talking to anyone. If you have started talking to people evaluate what has been said and see where you're at.

The first thing the liable Party will attempt is "plausible deniability". They will tell you it's not Mold, It's not the "BAD" kind of Mold. This is not the "Toxic" kind of Mold. Bleach will kill it, and the list goes on and on. This is the first defense everyone practices when dealing with Mold complaints. They are all hoping you will just go away. Actually, most people do go away because they can't prove a thing.
The long term effects of Mold exposure and Mold illness are hard to prove. You must be very careful to whomever and how you present your case to them. The fact is, if need be, they will take everything you have told them and use it against you in Court. So perhaps do a lot of listening and a lot less talking when you're reporting a Mold claim. Get out of them what they are going to do, what steps they're about to take and who are they going to call to help solve your problem.

The fact is all of the people or entities that you think are there to help you, when you cry Mold, you can pretty much forget it. No one wants to be responsible for a Mold Claim. The liability for Mold can not just go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but into the millions. Now you know why no one wants anything to do with a Mold Claim it if they can avoid it.

WHY is it all so difficult? It's simple, Mold can destroy your health, your property, and if not treated correctly the first time, it can grow back and keep destroying your health and your property. Now, would you want to be responsible for that?  No one does. So get ready for a fight.

There are many things that need to be addressed when you have Mold. This site strives to educate the public on the facts about mold, no hype, just the real life stuff about Mold, Mold Sickness, Mold Illness what you're probably about to face and how to beat, "Being Beat" by the system when all you want is help.

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