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                                             Everyone has Some Advice for You about Mold...

                                                                                               Most of it is BAD!

Below you will Find a List of Medical Resources for Doctors and Medical Testing Laboratories that Provide Medical Diagnosis and Treatment for Mold Illness.

The Amount of Disinformation about Mold Illness on the Web is Frightening.

Most people don't know anything when it comes to mold illness or overall how to remedy mold problems. The majority of lawyers don't have the right answers either, and wind up fumbling through their mold cases. Much of the advice you may receive via the Internet might hurt you and put you into a position where you lose your legal rights, evidence, or health. Common sense is your best hope for solving your mold problems and recovering from mold Illness.

The following FAQS can Keep you from R
uining your Health and Finances:

1. Many "Mold Doctors" are financial predators. We have found when the cash price of mold illness        
        treatment exceeds $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 these Doctors are financial predators. Many doctors in this
        area of medicine do not accept medical insurance as many treatments include Homeopathic and
        Naturopathic modalities and medicines.

2.    We have found there are less than ten (10) Doctors in the United States who claim to be able to treat
        mold Illness, actually understand the medical science and the toxicology of how to eliminate these toxins
        from the human body. Recovery from mold illness should take between three (3) to nine (9) months, if
        your Dr. is really any good. We have spoken to patients that have needlessly been in treatment for mold
        illness unnecessarily for years.

3.    It our opinion that Cholestyramine treatment for mold illness is a scam. But don't take our word for it,
      Google, "
scholarly medical papers Cholestyramine treatment for mold", the only papers we have found
      are published by Dr. Ritchie
Shoemaker himself, the self-proclaimed inventor of the Cholestyramine
      treatment protocol, to date we have not been able to obtain any documented medical data, or research to
      support his claims that this drug is effective for the removal of mycotoxins from the human body.
      Furthermore, Dr. Shoemaker has had his medical license revoked by the Maryland Medical Board and has
      lost his ability to practice medicine. Download the Shoemaker Complaint to the Maryland Medical
      Board.  "Learn More"

We have researched the following links and have verified they contain trusted information. Good luck with your search to find help for your mold problems and recovery with your Mold Illness.


Explore the different types of Mold tests available and the reason you may want to have testing done


This site has some Mold information like no other site we have seen for Mold, Talks about insurance and Mold


This site allows you to report your specific mold problems and gives you good options and thoughts of the things you might need or want to do concerning your specific Mold Problem.

BioSign Labs

This Lab specializes in Mold Allergen Blood Testing. They produce an easy to read report as to the types of Mold and levels of Mold exposure in your Body.


Medical Testing for Mold Illness, mycotoxin tests for people and pets and general testing for mold illness and mold sickness.

American Medical Laboratories

Medical testing for mold exposure, Mycotoxins, Endotoxins and other secondary metabolites from mold exposure.

National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease

Their speciality is treating for mold illness. They also treat for Lyme's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heavy metals and other environmental diseases. They have an extremely high success rate of recovery.


If you have Mold this is a Mold book that is a must read.


A National Association that has professionals in your area for Mold remediation and testing

Get Mold Tested

Legal,environmental, insurance and and more help Great resource site  (Live Help Line)

Environmental Resource Agency

Great referral system with live help an open resource for answers to mold problems and mold illness  (Live Help Line)

Mold MD

Great website discusses the right medical testing and the right medical treatment for mold illness, mold sickness and mold exposure

Center for Disease Control  "CDC"

Environmental Protection Agency "EPA"