Linking Mold To Disease

                       With the Right Environmental Testing and the Right Medical Tests...  
                You Can Prove to Any Court the Mold in your Environment Made you Sick!

The recent work demonstrated by Dr. Jack Thrasher, Dr. Andrew Lange and Dr. Raymond Singer in collaboration with the NTCED, has spawned an entire new dimension in the "How To" prove your environment is the direct causation of not just symptoms , but disease in those exposed to mold contaminated environments. These four pioneers have forged the way of change for an entirely new systems of environmental sampling and medical diagnosis for those who are suffering from mold illness and mold exposure. They have also collaborated on the design and implementation of the most effective medical protocol for mold illness detoxification. 

To even further this field of environmental medicine their research has now extended to other toxic environmental impacts upon human health such as heavy metals, PCB's, pesticides and other environmental poisonings. 

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