I Have Mold...      Who Can Help Me?

  If You Think You Have Mold, or Know You Have Mold, it's Time to be SMART.

1. First determine who you think can help you.

2. Now determine if the people your are going to ask for the help, are the same people
    who will be held liable for your property damage or your health issues due to 
    the Mold contamination?

3. If the answer to question #2 is "YES", you had better sit down and think things out.

If you are dealing with an Apartment Complex or Property Management Company,Condominium Association or Private Landlord, in 99% of all the case we've have studied they will deny it's Mold. They may even turn you over to their Law firm for further communications even though you don't have a lawyer. The same goes for Federal, City ,State and Local Government Offices and private employers if you are an employee.

We have reviewed documents that when a Mold complaint was filed by a Government worker or a private employee they were immediately transferred to a far off remote office , or were fired quickly.

Before you cry Mold, there are a few things you should do before letting the cat out of the bag.

Without the facts you will be labeled an alarmist and a trouble maker. Even after you get the facts, you'll be labeled an alarmist and a trouble maker and if it's on the job, expect to have a short lived career there. "YES", it is really that bad. It is very rare you get cooperation from people who have to spend thousands of dollars fixing a problem you have brought to their attention. The fact is everything was running smooth until you came along.

The Cost to prove it's Mold may seem a little expensive and will cost about
                     $250 - $1,000. BUT... What is the cost of your health, Dr.'s visits and
                     replacing your homes contents, your clothing or even your home. Mold
                     remediation of a home can cost from $10,000.00 to $100,000. So a small
                     investment to help ensure things will turn out more in your favor is well
                     worth it.

Many people look at this upfront cost and start hoping, "well, if I tell them they'll do the right thing and help me".
The answer to that is "Probably Not", when people can get out of paying for anything.... they usually will. And the liability for Mold can reach the tens of thousands of dollars. The safest bet for anyone responsible for Mold liability, would be to deny it's Mold and hope you go away. If they have to adit it's Mold the second thing for the liable party usually attempts to do, is to short cut the repair.

Short cutting the repair is most common. The liable party will exhibit Good Will in making a repair. But the fact is they spent 10% of what they needed to to fix the problem correctly. Remember:
1. BLEACH won't Kill Mold

2. Mold Grows Behind Walls and Under Cabinets

3. Mold gets into your HVAC Systems and Vents

4. Many times removing Walls and Ceilings is the only way to get rid of it.

1. Document what it is, is it Mold or not

This may cost you two-three hundred dollars. Make sure you contact someone who  
    is "Mold Certified" a Home Depot, Home Test won't get it. The reason is because
    you have no creditability in your knowledge of Mold you will need a professionally
    written report.

2. Find Out do I have Mold in My Body

    This was a tough one up until about a year ago. Our resource page can help you find
    a lab that comes to you and will help you define what levels of Mold exposure you
    have suffered.

3. Mold Usually comes from Water Intrusion "Water leaks"

   Take pictures of all Mold and water leaks "BEFORE" anyone knows why you're
   doing it.

Now you have knowledge if it's Mold, If the Mold is in your body, and the probable cause of where the Mold came from.

Now you are Ready to Complain

There can be a lot more to this process, but these three steps will help you secure the facts if you ever need to take legal action.

REMEMBER:  NEVER give your original photos or documentation away to anyone, give out 
                     copies only!

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